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Goin’ to the Market…Week 51

Here are your weekly bacon specials at Michigan grocery store chains for the week of 12/28 – 1/3/09. 


Kroger- Tyson Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz. (BOGO w/card)

Meijer- Smithfield Premium Sliced Bacon, 16 oz. ($2.29) Meijer Sliced Bacon, 16 oz. ($1.79) or Meijer Thick Cut Bacon, 24 oz. ($3.79)

Busch’s - Smithfield Premium Sliced Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz. ($3.29)

Hiller’s - Our Family Bacon, Original, Double Smoked or Low Sodium, 16 oz. (2 for $5)

Hollywood - Thick Cut Platter Bacon at meat counter ($2.99/lb.)

VG’s - Hormel Sliced Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz. ($3.29)

Glen’s Market- Hormel Sliced Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz. ($3.29 w/ card)

D&W Fresh Market – Hormel Sliced Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz. ($3.29)

Felpausch – Hormel Sliced Bacon, Select Varieties, 16 oz. ($3.29)

SuperValu Foods – Farm Fresh Sliced Bacon, Regular or Thick Sliced, 16 oz. (2 for $5)

Target - Hormel Black Label Bacon, 12 oz & 16 oz. ($2.49) or Hormel Natural Choice Bacon, 16 oz. ($2.99)

Please note, every store with in a chain is different and may not feature the same specials. When in doubt, check your individual store.

Go get some!

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